About Chih Liang

Professional Knitted Fabric Supplier

With 30 years of experience in the industry, our team at Chih Liang is good at producing, sourcing and developing knitted fabrics. We firmly believe that quality is the core of our business. To achieve best result, we understand it takes the State-of-the-Art machinery, the best raw material and most importantly, the hard-working team. Our machinery is bought from Karl Mayer®. Our raw materials are sourced from top supplier such as Hyosung®, Huafon® and TaeKwang®. Our team carefully manage the whole production process and do quality check for every inch of our product to make our customer rest-assured.

Social responsibility

At Chih Liang, we believe corporations, especially factories, should act responsibly. Profit is no longer the sole standard for the success of a company, we aim to progress on making positive impacts to our employees, community and the world.


Climate change demands global action. To leave a better place for our offsprings and to heal our mother earth, we commit to reduce our pollution, especially for the dyeing process, and to purchase recycle yarn.

Our location

Chih Liang textile sits at Haining, Zhejiang, China, with great convenience to the port of Shanghai and port of Ningbo.